Campaign Insights

Campaign Performance

Gain insights that show the impact, performance & results of your marketing or communication campaigns. By combining a tailored selection of performance metrics & insights from your campaign activities with media publicity & online conversations, we provide an unbiased view of your campaign results.

Save time

Evaluating the work behind a campaign is more often than not overlooked. Your job is to drive, inspire & create great campaigns. Our job is to provide you with the answers & insights needed to win.

Tailored to your needs

We analyze, create & tailor the KPI’s from the campaign based on your communication & marketing, while layering it with the consumer conversation & reactions to provide you with the full picture.

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Whispr Group Campaign Insights

What challenges are you facing?

Optimizing your campaigns and learnings

What were the actual results of our campaign? This is a question commonly asked following the launch of a campaign that has required hard work and resources. We provide the answers by performing qualitative analysis of online conversations and your own content to understand the impact and results of campaigns and initiatives in order to maximise future campaigns, marketing and activities. 

  • It’s complicated to analyze your own results. Our unbiased views are objective and provide the full picture of the campaign results. 
  • Analyzing the results of campaigns is not prioritized - let us do the job for you.
  •  It’s all about the numbers. We create internal and external benchmarks based on the campaign results, complemented by our actionable insights, to inspire future campaigns

Campaign performance

Did the latest campaign perform towards our internal KPI’s and goals? Based on the numbers, online conversations and previous campaigns, we tailor KPI’s towards the campaign efforts. We evaluate the ROI of campaign specific activities such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads marketing, while blending the results with the online conversation to provide a full and transparent picture of the results.  

  • What are the results of the campaign? 
  • Improve future campaigns through our actionable insights.
  • A digestible and clear report tailored for internal sharing.
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Actionable insights

Our actionable insights and data will allow for improved and more focused campaigns in the future. By always benchmarking previous campaigns, we make sure to showcase the development and improvement over time to give you a clear picture on how to allocate budgets, how to create and target your content, and where and to whom you should focus your marketing efforts on.

  • Who should you target with your marketing?
  • What content works, and what content to avoid.
  • How is the campaign performing compared to previous campaigns?
Whispr Group - Data-driven insights
Customer success story - Zound Industries  "Our collaboration with Whispr Group provides us a powerful tool to track our  results and actionable insights for continuous development." Want to know more?

How our insights might help you

What topics are the consumers talking about?

Get to know the consumer behaviour

Get a deeper understanding of what topics consumers are talking about connected to your campaign. What excites people, and what needs to improve for people to better connect with the brand message? 

  • What is the consumer sentiment towards the campaign? 
  • What are consumers having issues with & how can you improve upon it? 
  • What are the largest topics discussed?
Campaign Performance

What matters to the consumer along the customer journey?

Dig deeper into the data

Setting internal KPIs is crucial to make sure the campaign performs in line with the brand strategy and expectations. We will help you define the most relevant KPIs and how to reach them.

  • Is the campaign performing in line with the internal benchmarks? 
  • How has the numbers developed compared to previous campaigns? 
  • What can you improve moving forward? 
Campaign Performance Data

What are your competitors doing?

Competitor Insights

Your competitors never stop trying to gain market shares. We help you keep track of competitive campaigns, what you can learn from them, and what to avoid - everything in order to make your brand stand out from the rest.

  • How are you performing vs. your competitors? 
  • Why are they successful in reaching their target audience, and what can we learn from it? 
  • In what KPIs are we outperforming our competitors, and how can you continue developing your offers?
Campaign Performance Data 3

How do I get started?

Step one

Contact us and tell us about your challenges and objectives. During the initial talk we will discuss KPIs, data sources & your needs. Based on our initial discussion we will provide a tailored plan - all to ensure that you get what you need and when you need it by.

Step two

Based on our initial talk we will walk through our findings and discuss a suitable proposal to make sure you get value for your efforts. Additionally, we will review data sources and the KPI's set for a potential delivery. Once we are aligned we get going with the analysis.

Step three

Presentation of our findings. We will walk you though the report on site and ready to answer your questions. We will happily present our findings during a team meeting or similar.

One click away from being insightful

Whispr Group aims to take the guesswork out of your decision making. Leave your contact information and one of our insights experts will get back to you shortly. 

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