How to Set KPIs for Communications Success

Without solid KPIs it’s impossible to accurately measure how your comms team is progressing towards business objectives, but where to start?

If that dilemma sounds familiar, fear not: support setting strong KPIs is something even Whispr Group’s most successful customers ask for. In this
guide we share some of that knowledge, with actionable insights to help get the ball rolling and start setting the right KPIs for communications success.


About the guide

KPIs for any comms team

We dive in to what KPIs are fundamental to measure, including quantitative and qualitative measures, as well as when and how often you should evaluate and possibly change your KPIs.

Using KPIs to Inspire

How to use KPIs to inspire your team so they understand how they can impact the KPIs. Whispr Groups Intelligence Product Director Simon Scharfstein gives his expert tips on how to get your team aboard when it comes to impacting the KPIs.

Key takeaways

The individual needs of every communications team will ultimately vary, but there are some general rules to follow for setting solid KPIs to help your accurately measure and follow-up on your comms efforts. We'll end the guide with key points for you to take with you to your team!


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