How to Use Share of Voice Measurement

In this guide Whispr Group outlines how the SOV metric has evolved in the digital sphere to allow a wealth of real-user feedback, and we dive deep into unlocking its true potential. 


About the guide

What you'll get

SOV is a simple metric on the surface, but rarely used to its full potential.  To help change that we outline some of the big mistakes commonly made when tracking it, the power it has to unlock intel on competitors, what it can tell you about Share of Market and much more. 

Not just numbers

While SOV is a quantitative measure, the qualitative input it’s sourced from is equally important but oft-overlooked. We detail how in order to truly take advantage of the metric, brands must better understand the contents of that input and the users who wrote it.

Key takeaways

We end the guide with a summary of how to take advantage of SOV's versatility, using it as an early warning for market changes, and details of why an insights partner like Whispr Group can make SOV measurement more budget-efficient.


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