How to Make Data Sing - The Importance of Storytelling

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How can you be more effective in communicating your data?

Businesses collect data today in an insane rate. We can now collect data on every aspect of your business and we help companies make sense of it every day.

Data can help you tell a compelling story that supports your position and highlights the value of your products or services, whether you're communicating with an internal team or a customer.

"Having the data is not enough, I have to show it in ways people both enjoy and understand" - Hans Rosling

With the help of insights and visualizations, Olof will show how you can present the information in a convincing way to engage your audience.

You will learn:

  • What data storytelling is and how you can use it
  • How you can visualize data to make it sing
  • How to make data meaningfull through storytelling
  • How you can make data actionable through storytelling?

About Olof Gränström:
Olof Gränström is a trained political scientist and economist, and has previously worked in Hans Rosling's team at Gapminder and also participated as a social analyst on the swedish TV channels TV4 and SVT during the last election campaign. Olof works as a senior advisor at Whispr Group and is passionate about getting more people to learn how to make sense of data.

About Anna Albinsson:
Anna is the CEO of Whispr Group with extensive experience as a marketing, sales and communications manager. With a background such as international marketing manager for Dun & Bradstreet, sales manager at Bisnode, Head of Operations at Telge Energi and communications advisor at Gullers Grupp, she contributes with expertise in a number of different areas.