On-Demand Webinar: KPIs have evolved, have you kept up?

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Data in abundance, new metrics by the day in an ever changing digital environment. In this webinar we will walk you through how you find the hidden gems in heaps of data and that complex KPIs don't have to be difficult. Get familiar with strategic KPIs and how to best set these up to follow the buyer's journey.

After the On-Demand Webinar you will know how you get started, and become familiar, with the following key points:

  • KPIs are not a "goal" they are a method to reach your business objectives.
  • 3 relevant KPIs are not enough! Set KPIs that follow the buyer's journey - from cold and uninformed to happy customer and fan.
  • Set KPIs that support your business objective in three stages, "promote", "inform" and "entertain". How to leverage these in a marketing mix.
General information:
  • Length: 25min
  • Suitable for: All
    (something new for the expert, get started as a rookie)


About our host of the Insight Webinar; 
Jesper Dahl is responsible for our strategic delivery, he has been in the digital industries for ten years and is a repeat lecturer at Berghs School of Communications. He has a degree in Strategic Design and Management from Parsons the New School for Design.