On-demand webinar: Whispr Group Black Friday 2021 Analysis. The products consumers want & where there's risk of fatigue

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The Coronavirus pandemic ensured that Black Friday 2020 was like no other, with consumer conversation data reflecting fatigue among a public who had been stuck at home and targeted by even more marketing than usual.

But the continued opening of society this year means yet another landscape shift is underway, and marketers need to be on top of the latest data to make sure their campaigns are fit for Black Friday 2021 – one that analysis shows will be significantly different from 2020.
In this on-demand webinar Whispr Group's Insights Expert Jonas Nilsson presents the findings of the Whispr Group Black Friday 2021 analysis, providing insights on among other things:

  • The product categories that are increasing and decreasing in popularity among consumers in the build-up to Black Friday. Who are the potential winners and losers in 2021, and which segments should be most proactive?

  • The markets with the most potential for Black Friday marketing growth according to the latest data.

  • Evidence for how the pandemic-accelerated online shift of Black Friday is likely to develop now the world has opened up.