On-Demand Webinar: How You Should be Using Brand Share of Voice in 2021

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We all know it's vital for any company to track Brand Share of Voice, but many still make the mistake of failing to harness the full extent of insights it can now provide.

While SOV is a quantitative measure, the qualitative input it's sourced from is equally important but too often overlooked. In order to truly take advantage of the metric, brands have to better understand the contents of that input and the users who wrote it.


To make that process simpler, Whispr Group has produced a webinar on How You Should Be Using Brand Share of Voice in 2021, now available in on-demand format. 

In the webinar we outline how the metric has evolved to now allow a wealth of real-user feedback, and dive deep into unlocking its true potential by answering questions like:

  • The big mistakes commonly made when tracking Brand Share Of Voice.

  • The power Brand Share of Voice has to unlock intel on your competitors' market share, and how you compare.

  • How to use Brand SOV to measure your relative position relative to key topics and issues for your business.

  • The correlation between Brand SOV, Share of Market, and revenue.