Husqvarna: Social Media is Dead, Long Live Social Media!

  • March 31, 2022
  • 15:00-15:45 (STHLM) / 9:00-09:45 AM (NYC )
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Husqvarna garden

Social Media is Dead, Long Live Social Media

In our next Insights Webinar and event, Whispr Group is delighted to welcome our partner brand Husqvarna's Global Social Media Manager Johannes Karlsson, who will share his learnings and insights on the changing social media landscape:

"Remember when social media was the PR gold rush? Success was all about great content, collecting likes and using the algorithm to organically build your brand.

I do remember, but was also forced to accept a new reality where social platforms want to get paid for just about anything.

These days my job is about that 'anything' – it’s about deploying a business driven strategy that focuses on effective advertising in the major social media networks. It’s about fuelling the funnel with data-driven retargeting that provides growth and conversion across the consumer journey."

In the live webinar, Johannes will share some hands on advice, knowledge and learnings that he's picked up from his years of experience managing social media, where the journey has progressed from handling 'nice to have' channels, to optimising 'need to have' marketing.